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Madison Metropolitan School District

Jefferson Renaming Ad Hoc Committee Paused Until Fall 2022

I am writing to share an update on the Citizens’ Ad Hoc Committee for Renaming Jefferson Middle School. You may recall, the MMSD Board of Education voted to establish this committee on March 14; since May, the committee has met four times to discuss meeting protocols and the evaluation rubric for submitted proposals.

Unfortunately, three members have declined participation in the committee, leaving membership at nine instead of the required 12. At the June 28 Ad Hoc committee meeting, committee co-chairs, with support of district administration and the Board of Education president, made a recommendation to pause the committee’s work.  

The pause will allow time to establish the full 12-member committee; adjust the evaluation rubric; and for all committee members to submit scoring of proposals. Present committee members voted unanimously to pause meetings, tentatively resuming in October.

During the renaming submission timeframe (March 7 through April 8, 2022), 42 proposals were received. At its first meeting, the committee voted unanimously to not consider proposals with names of people still living as of May 10, as that did not meet renaming criteria under Board policy. There are 38 remaining proposals; the committee has not held significant discussion around the proposals, which affords the full committee an opportunity to engage in robust dialogue in the fall.


Dr. Angie Hicks
Associate Superintendent of Middle Schools
Superintendent’s Designee on the Citizens’ Ad Hoc Committee for Renaming Jefferson Middle School