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Madison Metropolitan School District

Jefferson Students, Local Orgs Collaborate for Clean Water Art Project

A collaboration between Jefferson Middle School students and local organizations last month educated both the classroom and community on how to keep our waterways clean.

Jefferson Middle School six grade students in Vena Levesque’s class learned about watersheds and stormwater, completed classroom experiments, and explored how humans can impact water quality with the Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership (MAMSWaP) and the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department. Students also cleared garbage from the storm drains in Mineral Point Park to prevent trash from entering our lakes.

On May 17, local artist Sonya Sankaran worked with Jefferson students to paint a unique mural design based on students’ ideas onto the storm drain on the corner of Mineral Point Road and Yellowstone Drive.

“The goal of this colorful mural is to capture the attention of those who pass by, help them understand where the stormwater that enters their storm drain flows and get them thinking about what they can do to ‘Keep It Clean,’” MAMSWaP team members said.

The mural features two bright lizards encircling the storm drain, with the words “Keep it Clean, Drains to Lake Mendota.”