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Madison Metropolitan School District

Renaming Committee Meeting Recap, May 24

The Citizens’ Ad Hoc Committee Renaming Jefferson Middle School held its second meeting on Tuesday, May 24. The meeting agenda is available via BoardDocs, and the meeting was streamed on YouTube.

The committee decided to begin future meetings at 5:30 instead of 5 p.m., to make meetings more accessible to stakeholders. The next meeting will be June 21 at 5:30; the June 7 meeting will be canceled.

Under agenda item 2.1, Board of Education executive assistant, Barb Osborn, announced Jamisha Godbolt is no longer able to serve on the committee; alternate member Reina Morales will be taking her place as a core committee member. Ms. Osborn reviewed public meeting protocols for committee members (agenda item 3.1), as well as the charge of the committee and Board policy (item 4.1).

Next, there was a brief review of public comments submitted to date (12 submissions) for agenda item 5.1. Feedback and proposals can be viewed in the meeting agenda packet at BoardDocs. 

Committee members engaged in a brief discussion regarding the charge of the committee, and clarified how many names they should recommend to the Board of Education, along with a process for ranking proposals.

Co-Chair Rodriguez asked how many committee members have submitted an evaluation rubric  to Ms. Osborn; two members have sent in their evaluations. There was discussion of adjusting wording of the evaluation rubric and removing the word ‘rank’ and replacing with ‘score’ to make it  clearer to committee members, which Ms. Osborn will adjust.

There was a motion by Member Kilfoy-Flores to eliminate the proposals for Thomas Jefferson Middle School, since the charge of the committee is to rename the school. During the discussion portion, Member Gallegos suggested pausing the vote until more members are present to participate in a vote. The motion did not pass by a vote of 3 to 4; but can be raised again at the next meeting.

A public hearing will be held once the Committee narrows it to four names to consider. Research on proposals will be shared with committee members soon, and will also be posted publicly in BoardDocs. Several committee members had to leave the meeting early, so the meeting was adjourned since there was no longer a quorum.

Next meeting: June 21, 5:30 p.m.