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Madison Metropolitan School District

Renaming Committee Meeting Recap, June 10


The Citizens’ Ad Hoc Committee Renaming Jefferson Middle School met on Tuesday, June 21. The meeting agenda is available via BoardDocs, and the meeting was streamed on YouTube.

After the meeting was called to order, former Board of Education executive assistant, Barb Osborn, made a few announcements. Three members and one alternate have declined participation in the committee. The committee now is comprised of 10 members, with a quorum of six members.

Next, the committee reviewed public comment received from March 7 through June 14. Additionally, research for each proposal can be found in agenda item 3.1. Three committee members have yet to submit their naming proposal scoring sheets, and the committee co-chairs requested those be submitted by noon on Friday, June 24. 

There was discussion to ensure committee members are calibrated on the rubric’s use and purpose. The committee voted to leave the rubric as is, utilizing a 0 to 5 ranking.

At its next meeting, the committee plans to hold deliberations on proposals, including consideration of research and submitted public comments.

The committee will meet next on Tuesday, June 28 at 5:30 p.m.