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Madison Metropolitan School District

Renaming Committee Meeting Recap, May 10

The Citizens’ Ad Hoc Committee Renaming Jefferson Middle School held its first meeting on Tuesday, May 10. The meeting agenda is available via BoardDocs, and the meeting was streamed on YouTube.

During the meeting, committee members introduced themselves. Present members included: Letesha Nelson, co-chair; Solange (Soly) Rodriguez, co-chair; Maxine McKinney de Royston; Rigoberto Gallegos; Antigone Grace; Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores; Victoria Cisnero. Dr. Angie Hicks, Associate Superintendent of Middle Schools also introduced herself; she is serving as the superintendent’s designee and administrative support to the committee.

Board of Education executive assistant, Barb Osborn, reviewed Robert’s Rules of Order and Wisconsin open meetings law with committee members. She also gave an overview of the Committee’s charge, policy, and timeline. During the meeting, Gayle Martinson  introduced herself; she is the external researcher who will be supporting the renaming committee.

Next, there was a brief review of public comments submitted to date as well as a review of proposals submitted. Feedback and proposals can be viewed in the meeting agenda packet at BoardDocs. Ms. Osborn shared a sample evaluation rubric, also included in the agenda, which has been used in past renaming processes.

Committee members had a brief  discussion of future meetings and timeline. Present members voted unanimously to not consider proposals of people not deceased as of May 10, as those do not meet Board policy, and agreed to use the evaluation rubric included in the meeting agenda.

Upcoming meetings: May 24, June 7, and June 21