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I am honored to serve as Principal of Jefferson Middle School! 

Our team has been working collaboratively throughout the year to ensure our most exciting and successful school year to date.  During my initial months at Jefferson, I have been engaging in listening sessions with staff, students and families with the purpose of acquiring a deeper understanding of our desired collective vision.  Here’s what I know:

  • We are committed to ensuring that effective, student-centered learning occurs in every classroom and we welcome, encourage and support every student.
  • We believe in strong school structures to promote equity and community.
  • We invite students’ voices in our decision making because it is necessary to understand their experiences in order to identify how we can best align our work to meet their needs. 
  • We value teacher teams because we recognize that we need the interactions, knowledge, skills and support of other educators - with whom we learn and grow as professionals - to help ensure that collaboration, teaching and learning are rich and meaningful for every student.
  • We seek the involvement of families because we understand that a strong partnership with families creates a solid foundation of support and strengthens the connection between home and school for every student.
  • We demonstrate honesty and transparency in our efforts to build trust and a true sense of community.

Ensuring the best educational experience for every student is serious work and we recognize the importance of balancing hard work with good fun.  We promise to celebrate our successes throughout the year and along the way.

Again, I am truly excited to be joining the Jefferson Middle School community and being an essential part of making our collective vision a reality.  I look forward to an amazing 2018-2019 school year!


Dr. Tequila Kurth


Jefferson Middle School